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AWalk around Downtown Jaffrey is a brochure for a self-guided walking tour that highlights thirty-two historical and architectural points of interest in downtown Jaffrey. The brochure was first developed by the Design Committee of Team Jaffrey, and edited and produced by Robert B. Stephenson. The copy available for download at right was reformatted specifically for the JaffreyHistory web site.



    A Walk Around Downtown Jaffrey

  • Town Commmon
  • Buddies Monunment
  • Town Bandstand
  • Jaffrey Mills
  • Wright-Lacy Store
  • Jaffrey Police Station
  • Bank of New Hampshire
  • Jaffrey Public Library
  • Soldier's Monument
  • Jaffrey Civic Center
  • Sweeney House
  • Congregational Church
  • Wozmak House
  • Jonas Melville House
  • St. Patrick Church
  • Cutler Memorial
  • Town Clock
  • Union Hall
  • James Lacy House
  • Walter Goodnow House
  • Cournoyer Block
  • Durant-Vanni Block
  • Duncan Block
  • Jaffrey War Memorial Park
  • Bean Building
  • Dillon Block
  • Post Office
  • Jaffrey Depot
  • Saunders House

Title: A Walk around Downtown Jaffrey
Author: Design Committee of Team Jaffrey. Robert B. Stephenson, ed.
Date: 2004
Place: Jaffrey, NH
Publisher: Team Jaffrey
Pages: 4
Notes: Reformatted for the Jaffrey History Web Site, 2011

Click here to download and view the pdf version (221 KB) of TeamJaffrey's A Walk around Downtown Jaffrey.

A Walk Around Downtown Jaffrey