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USGS Shaded Relief Version of the Monadnock Quadrangle

This version of the USGS Monadnock quadrangle was produced in shaded relief to highlight Mount Monadnock. Consequently, the adjoining Peterboro quadrangle was not so issued. Because of this only the portions of Jaffrey that fall within the Monadnock quadrangle are included.

1) Monadnock New Hampshire
USGS 15 minute series.
Surveyed 1932. Revised in 1949.
Topography by A.J. Ogle, W.K. McKinley, R.M. Wilson, E.V. Holloway, C.S. Maltby, and Shirley Waggener.
Culture and drainage in part compiled from aerial photographs taken by Air Corps, U.S. Arm.
Published 1949. Reprinted 1955.
Scale: 1:62,500.
Contour interval: 20 feet.

Title: USGS Shaded relief version of the Monadnock quadrangle
Compiler: USGS
Date: 1949, reprinted 1955
Place: Washington, D.C.
Publisher: US Geological Survey
Scale: 1" = 12 miles (ca. 1:760,320
Size: 21-1/2 x 18 inches.
Notes: See to the left.

Click here to download and view a pdf of the 1:62,500 shaded relief topographic map of Jaffrey (1949).

Two sources for historical USGS maps of New Hampshire or other New England states are Maptech and the University of New Hampshire.