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Abert Annett was born in the southeast part of Jaffrey in the section known as Squantum, on August 3, 1861, the son and second child of Thomas and Sarah M. (Raymond) Annett. He attended district schools and worked in the mills in which his father had a partnership. He attended four terms at Conant High School, entered Phillips Academy at Andover, Massachusetts, in 1880, and was graduated in 1882 with salutatorian rank. It was a sore disappointment to him that he was not ableto take a college course with classmates and acquaintances at Andover, with whom he had formed a fast friendship, but the death of Captain Murdock, on the year of his graduation, caused the dissolution of the partnership of Annett and Murdock, and made it necessary for the family to run in debt for the Murdock interest and to reorganize completely the business, as up to that time all sales and financial matters had been handled at the Murdock office in Winchendon, Massachusetts. It was a long struggle that entailed hard work and sacrifices for many years.

From childhood he had a strong attachment for woods and mountains, especially for the cleanly wholesome woods and mixed forests of New England. He engaged in the box and lumber business with his father until 1896. In 1896 the business was incorporated and three sons were admitted as members of the Annett Manufacturing Company, of which Albert Annett was treasurer until the death of Thomas Annett in 1903, when he became president. In 1918 the mills and manufacturing interests of the company were sold to a newly formed corporation known as the Annett Box Company, the Annett Manufacturing Company remaining in existence as holder of real estate of which an attractive forest of 1,092 acres has been deeded to the State of New Hampshire as a State Forest Reservation known as the Annett State Forest, in part a gift and the rest at a nominal consideration. The tract is situated east of Squantum Village in the towns of Rindge and Sharon, and includes three-fourths of the shore line of Hubbard Pond. It is now occupied by the 118th Company of the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Albert Annett was Vice-president for Cheshire County of the Society for Protection of New Hampshire Forests and local member of the Monadnock Committeeof the Society. Realizing the value of Monadnock Mountain as a sanctuary for recreation and rest, he was instrumental in securing the large acreage on the Mountain under public ownership.

He was the first to propose, and with Wm. F. Robbins of Rindge, and others, first to explore the Wapack Trail, twenty miles in length, along the crest line of the Wapack Range of mountains, from Watatic in Ashburnham, Massachusetts, to Pack Monadnock in New Hampshire, now one of the most popular recreational trails in New England. He was a member of the Wapack Trail Committee of the Society for Protection of New Hampshire Forests.

He was a Trustee of Conant High School, 1888-1898; trustee of Jaffrey Public Library, 1930-1936; representative to State Legislature, 1891-1892; State Senate, 1900-1901; chairman of Senate Committee on Education; member of Constitutional Convention, 1901; several years member of Republican State Committee; member of Governor's Council, 1910-1911, under the administration of Governor Henry B. Quimby.

The administration of Governor Quimby was of exceptional importance, as it was charged with the laying out and construction of the present trunk line highway system of New Hampshire, as well as the enlargement and remodeling of the State House, which was accomplished at an expense of $400,000. During his term in the Senate Mr. Annett obtained the charter for the Jaffrey Water Works, which was adopted by the town at the following town meeting, when he was elected chairman of the Committee of Investigation of Town Water Supply, and on the adoption of its report he was made chairman of the Water Board during the construction period. He was three years a member of the water commission and in 1925-1926 chairman of the Committee on Additional Water Supply which installed the auxiliary Mountain System.

In 1923 he was chairman of the General Committee of the Sesqui-Centennial Celebration, in August of that year.

In historical, social, and fraternal organizations he was a member of the New Hampshire Historical Society; honorary member of the Groton (Mass.) Historical Society; honorary member of Peterborough Sportsmen's Club in recognition of service on the Wapack Trail; and honorary member of the Jaffrey Village Improvement Society, for service rendered; in the Masonic Order was a member of Charity Lodge, A. F. & A. M., of Jaffrey, Peterborough Royal Arch Chapter, St. John's Council R. &S.M., of Keene, Hugh de Payens Commandery, of Keene. He served as district deputy grand lecturer and Grand Master of the Fifth Masonic District of New Hampshire, and was a Life Member of the Grand Lodge of New Hampshire.

Always interested in the welfare of the town of Jaffrey, he was ever ready to join in every movement for its good. He never sought public office for personal gain, and when elected to office or chosen on committees, he counted it a high privilege to be of service to his town and fellowmen. He was a man of unusual intelligence, and in affairs of town and State his sound judgement was often sought by those in office. He was a life-long student of history, particularly of his native town, and when in 1926, the present history of the town of Jaffrey was initiated, his services as historian were secured for the undertaking. It may be said that no man in the entire history of the town was so well versed in its past as was Mr. Annett. Yet his historical interests were not limited to the town of Jaffrey but extended beyond its borders, and he was often invited to deliver historical addresses before societies and public gatherings. He died May 3, 1936.

Alfred Kittredge

Portrait of Albert Annett. This image was scanned from the frontpiece of A History of Jaffrey, NH, Vol I.

Name: Albert Annett
Born: August 3, 1861
Place of Birth: Jaffrey, NH
Died: May 3, 1936
Place of Death: Unknown
Occupation: Manufacturer, State Senator, author of The History of Jaffrey, NH
Place of Burial Unknown