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Prominent Jaffrey citizen Albert Annett wrote this article for The Granite Monthly in 1899. Some years later he and Alice Lehtinen authored volumes 1 and 2 of the Town History. Some of the numerous black and white photographs—which are not credited—were taken by The Rev. Frederick W. Greene. Others may have been taken by the author. Among the photographs are:

  • Main Street
  • Jaffrey Centre Street
  • East Jaffrey from the East
  • Granite State Hotel
  • Cutter's Hotel
  • Summer Boarding-house of Mrs. Lawrence
  • East Jaffrey, Main Street
  • Long Pond
  • Sawyer's Elm
  • Village Elm
  • East Jaffrey from the South
  • East Jaffrey from the Baptist Church
  • Main Street showing Library and Bank
  • East Jaffrey, from Mower's Hill
  • A Glimpse of Thorndike
  • Residence of Will J. Mower
  • Mountain House
  • Residence of A.A. Spofford
  • Residenc of Hon. Peter Upton
  • Residence of William K. Dean
  • Residence of Leonard F. Sawyer
  • Residence of Lewis W. Davis
  • Residence of Dr. O.H. Bradley
  • Residence of Julius E. Prescott
  • Residence of Charles L. Rich
  • Summer residence of Joseph E. Gay
  • Gilmore Pond
  • "The Ark"
  • Interior of the residence of Ezra Baker
  • The Old Meeting-house
  • First Congregational Church and Parsonage
  • Baptist Church
  • Baptist Parsonage
  • Congegational Church
  • Congregational Parsonage
  • Congegational Church
  • Catholic Church
  • The Ainsworth Parsonage
  • Summit of Monadnock
  • Residence of K.D. Davis (Prescott Tavern)
  • White Brothers Mill
  • School-house, East Jaffrey
  • Old Melville Academy
  • H.W. Mower's Block
  • Residence of S.H. Mower
  • Store of Goodnow Brothers & Co.
  • Residence of Walter L. Goodnow
  • Shattuck Farm
  • Residence of Charles R. Kittredge
  • Residence of R

Title: The Making of a Town. Being Some Account of the Settlement and Growth of the Town of Jaffrey.
Author: Albert Annett
Date: August 1899
Place: Concord, N.H.
Publisher: The Granite Monthly, A New Hampshire Magazine Devoted to Literature, Biography, History, and State Progress.
Volume: Vol XXVII, No. 2
Pages: 67-105

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