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This small (5.4 x 2.5 inches) leatherbound pocket guide with local advertisements and accompanying folding map (attached to the inside front cover) appeared in 1898. Oddly, the title on the cover is 'East Jaffrey N.H.' although this is not the actual title and the contents relate to the entire town. It would appear that it was aimed primarily at the tourist of the time. The author is not given but as it was published by George H. Duncan ("Duncan the Druggist") it may have been written by him or at least commissioned by him.


  • Jaffrey
  • Lakes
  • Monadnock
  • Monadnock (Poem by Rev. W.B.O Peabody)
  • Drives
  • Industries
  • Church Directory
  • Fraternal and Secret Organizations


(Black and White Photographic)

  • TownHouse (Meetinghouse)
  • Madokawanda From Lakeview Farm
  • Monadnock From S. Garfield's
  • Clay Library


Title: Hand-Book of Jaffrey
Author: Unknown
Date: 1898
Place: East Jaffrey, N.H.
Publisher: George H. Duncan
Pages: 26 pp of text plus 9 pp blank Memoranda plus 25pp of Advertisements.
Notes: It was priced at 20 cents.

Click here to download and view the pdf version (3.8 MB) of Hand-Book of Jaffrey, N.H.

Click here to download and view the pdf version (520 MB) of the map that accompanies Hand-Book of Jaffrey, N.H. Note: The copy that was scanned was in several pieces hence its imperfect nature.