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AWalk around Jaffrey Center is a brochure for a self-guided walking tour that highlights thirty-five historical and architectural points of interest in JaffreyCenter. The brochure was researched, written, and produced by Robert B. Stephenson. The text depends heavily on The History of Jaffrey; Jaffrey Center, Portrait of a Village; and Jaffrey Then and Now.



    A Walk Around Jaffrey Center

  • The Meetinghouse
  • The Common
  • Little Red Schoolhouse
  • Horsesheds
  • Old Burying Ground
  • Brick Church
  • Benjamin Cutter House
  • Thorndike Store
  • Cutter Park
  • Ainsworth Manse
  • Memorial Garden
  • Melville Academy
  • Abel Parker House
  • David Gilmore House
  • Dakin House
  • Artemus Lawrence House
  • Watering Trough
  • State Historic Marker
  • Slade House
  • Blacksmith Lot
  • The Swale
  • The Oribe
  • Old Fire House
  • Monadnock Inn
  • Old Post Office
  • Bigelow Store
  • Centennial Park
  • John Cutter House
  • Benjamin Cutter House
  • Cutter House
  • Cutter Cemetery

Title: A Walk around Jaffrey Center
Author: Robert B. Stephenson
Date: 2006
Place: Jaffrey, NH
Publisher: JaffreyHistoric District Commission
Pages: 5
Notes: Reformatted for the Jaffrey History Web Site, 2011

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Jaffey Center Walking Tour